Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQs about printer repairs are all available on this page (Frequently Asked Questions). Please review them, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Always consult the event log or configuration sheet to find the most recent error codes the printer logged while having issues.

The option to print the configuration sheet can be found in your printer’s menu. The event log report must to be accessible via the menu’s information or reports sections as well.

Typically, an event log with the most recent three mistakes is included in the setup sheet. The last 50 errors are often listed in an event log. These error codes might be a huge help to us at Printer Repair in assisting you in identifying the source of your printer trouble. Particularly in the case of paper jams, as a paper clog can be brought on by a number of different parts of the printer. For instance, the tray, the input or output assembly, or as a result of a defective fuser. The error code linked to the incident will enable Printer Repair to determine which component of the printer is malfunctioning.

Please contact our customer service team at Printer Repair Now if you need help printing one of these reports and are having difficulties. We will be pleased to help.

In this case, it’s crucial to take note of the error code that the printer displays when it clogs. You should make a service call to Printer Repair Service in this circumstance as well. The technician will be directed to the part of the machine that is jamming by the error code. There is a chance that a piece will rip off and get stuck inside the fuser. To avoid further harm to the machine, call a technician if you are unable to remove the stuck paper with the correct paper path.

Do take note that jams will happen more frequently as the fuser approaches its end of life.

When the fuser starts to approach end of life jams will occur more often, however there are many causes for paper jams.  The error code that appears each time it jams will help our customer service team and the technician at Printer Repair to determine in what area of the printer the jams are occurring.

When the fuser starts to approach end of life one indication is that the prints will come out with small crinkles such as in the corner of the page, or the entire page will come out with significant creases.  Contact us at Printer Repair and we will send a highly qualified technician within 4 hours to repair your printer.

You typically have a faulty toner cartridge. No matter if you are using printer toner cartridges from the Original Manufacturer or aftermarket Remanufactured printer toner cartridges. There will inevitably be some awful ones. Therefore, in these situations, before you pay for a repair call, change the toner cartridge and print 50 or so pages to see if the issue is resolved. Contact Printer Repair Service and we will send out a highly skilled specialist within 4 hours if this doesn’t cure your issue.

Keep in mind that toner can harm your printer, particularly the fuser and transfer belt. If your machine has a lot of toner that has been spilled.

To avoid premature ageing or any damage to such parts, you should call Printer Repair Service for a cleaning.

There is no definitive answer to this question; the manufacturer may provide usage instructions, but these may be affected by a number of factors. Because your usage may exceed that page count sooner than the average printer user, the guidelines typically relate to a page count rather than a time period.


Toner quality, the type of printed material (such as labels), and the type of paper are only a few of the many variables. The fuser will definitely wear out if you are using a low-quality aftermarket toner. Low-quality toners have a tendency to leak, resulting in excess toner that builds up in the fuser and causes early ageing and damage.


Another cause of harm is labels. As a result, labels or forms with labels can be printed securely. However, if labels are used carelessly or incorrectly, the glue from a label might damage a fuser.

Additionally, confirm that the paper stock you are using is compatible with the make and model of your printer. utilising incorrect paper. In particular, placing it in a paper tray that is not intended for that type of pickup might result in paper jams, which, if not cleared out properly, can harm your fuser.

A printer has numerous moving parts, from taking the paper out of the input tray, moving it through the device, and depositing it in the output tray. This noise typically indicates that your fuser might be having trouble and might need to be changed.

Additionally, input/output assemblies and gear assemblies may occasionally be the culprits of this problem.

Checking the toner cartridge is the first thing to do with this kind of print quality. It should be taken out of the machine so you may inspect it for damage or excessive leakage. The next thing to do is swap it out for another toner cartridge. You might need to replace the fuser if this does not resolve the problem.


Contact Printer Repair today. Call us right away, and we’ll send a technician to replace your fuser and get you back up and running within four hours.

Examining the printer toner cartridge is the first thing to do with this kind of print quality. It should be taken out of the machine so you may inspect it for damage or excessive leakage. The finest course of action is to swap it out with an additional toner cartridge. You may require a service call to diagnose the issue if this does not resolve it.

Typically, a service call is required to diagnose a problem with vertical lines on your prints. Your fuser may be the source of vertical lines, or it may be the transfer belt.

Remove the colour cartridge that is giving you problems and inspect it to make sure it is not broken or leaking. To rule out the possibility of a faulty toner cartridge, replace the cartridge. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, look for any error codes in the event log.

A service call is required to identify the problem with this machine.

In other words, they might interfere with the cartridge’s operation and result in toner spillage.

Replace the toner cartridge and check how your prints turn out after doing so, even if your printer’s status indicates that there is still toner in the cartridge.

The use of aftermarket and remanufactured toner cartridges is completely acceptable, and original manufacturers like HP, Lexmark, Dell, etc. are not legally permitted to void your warranty.

It is true that using a toner cartridge of inferior quality can harm your printer. A machine’s internal components, including as the fuser and transfer belt, may become damaged if too much toner leaks into the device. However, the market is flooded with high-quality aftermarket or remanufactured toner cartridges. View one of Printer Repair Service’s top offerings.

It does not, however, impose any trade violations.

In this case, you need to closely examine the tray that is the problem. Keep an eye out for any damage, especially to the lever that changes the paper size. There is some damage to the tray in the majority of these cases. To completely diagnose the issue, however, a service call to Printer Repair Now could be required as there could be other contributing factors.

This could be an indication of a possible network connection issue, provided you have confirmed the printer is connected and turned on. However, there are a number of actions you can take to troubleshoot this problem to see if a service visit is necessary:

  • Ensure that the network printer’s controlling PC is also powered on.
  • Verify the printer’s IP address to make sure it is the right one. If there was a recent power loss, the IP address might have changed.
  • The printer may always be reinstalled.
  • Naturally, assuming there are no problems with the network itself. First, check that all of the network connection wires from the printer are functioning properly.
  • Replace the wire with a connection wire that is known to be working correctly.

  • If at all possible, disconnect the printer from the network and connect it to a single computer directly.

Just schedule a service call right away if none of these actions or our FAQs are able to change the printers’ network status!


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